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At Alexander at the Park Vet Hospital in Durham, NC, we offer all of the necessary services that a full-service animal hospital should provide for a variety of different conditions and injuries. Many of our clients come to us with their beloved family pets experiencing symptoms that are impacting their enjoyment of the things they usually do.

Skin Infections

When it comes to pet dermatology, it can be hard to find a qualified professional who is able to handle the job properly. Thankfully, our team is used to seeing pets who present with different dermatological symptoms such as rashes, strange bumps, and dry or flaky irritated patches of skin. Excessive licking may cause skin problems that are best treated as soon as you notice them. From fungal skin infections to bacterial infections, our team is trained in recognizing and treating skin problems that pets have.


Just like how humans have allergies, pets can have allergies, too. Sometimes, these present as allergies to certain ingredients in foods or types of foods. For example, some dogs have an allergy to chicken, which makes it so that their pet parents need to get a special chicken-free diet for them to thrive.

For other pets, they may have an allergy to dust, certain grooming supplies, or other environmental triggers. Whatever the allergy, our team can identify what the allergy is and how to treat it going forward. In some cases, this may mean avoiding the trigger altogether, and in other cases, it may mean going on a course of treatment that minimizes the symptoms.

Eye Infections

When your pet has unusual discharge flowing from his or her eye(s), redness, and dryness, he or she may be experiencing an eye infection. This unpleasant health issue can frequently cause discomfort in pets. When left untreated, it can lead to complications. This is why we recommend bringing your pet into our office if you notice redness, discharge, or other symptoms that might point to an eye infection, so we can prescribe the right treatment.

Ear Infections

Another common condition that we see in our furry patients is an ear infection. If your pet seems to have trouble hearing, clogged ears, or discharge in the ears, it may be time to bring them to our office. Ear infections are common, but they can also become serious if left untreated. For this reason, we recommend bringing your pet in if you notice changes in the presentation or function of their ears.

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