Pet Ear Infections

As a devoted pet owner, it likely causes you frustration and anxiety to see your pet uncomfortable. Ear infections are very uncomfortable and sometimes painful for dogs and cats, often causing them to itch and shake their heads incessantly. Here at Durham, NC, we are always eager to help our clients find the right treatments they need, including expert pet ear treatment, to get their pet back to tip-top shape. 

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Causes and Treatments for Pet Ear Infections

The first thing our Durham, NC, vet will do when you bring your pet in for pet ear treatment is to do a thorough veterinary examination. We will start by asking you what symptoms your pet is experiencing, such as ear shaking and itching or a strange or foul odor coming from his ears. We'll also talk about any lifestyle factors that might have led to the ear infection. We'll then use specialized tools to examine your pet’s ears.

Some of the common causes of a pet ear infections that we've seen at our Durham, NC, animal hospital include:

  • Moisture buildup. Dogs who frequently swim or are bathed and cats who excessively clean their ears are prone to ear infections caused by moisture buildup in their ears. This is especially true for those pets with long, floppy ears or narrow ear canals, which tend to trap moisture more.
  • Foreign objects. Sometimes there is something stuck in a pet's ear that is causing an ear infection and irritation. This can be as small as a blade of grass!
  • Allergies. Ear infections can be a symptom of an allergic reaction from an allergen like food or pollen. An allergy test can help narrow down whether this is the cause of your pet's infection.

Once our Durham, NC, animal hospital has determined the cause of the infection, we can get on to recommending a pet ear treatment protocol. Often, this will start with either medicated ear drops or an antibiotic prescription, sometimes both. These medications will help to halt the infection from getting any worse and work to stimulate healing. Our veterinarian team will also recommend at-home strategies like regular ear cleaning alongside grooming to prevent future ear infections from developing. In the event your pet's cause of the ear infection is an allergen, our team can work with you to develop a plan to reduce your pet’s exposure to certain allergens. 

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For more information on best pet care tactics or to schedule a veterinarian exam for your pet's ear infection, give our Durham, NC, animal hospital a call today!


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