Pet X-Rays

Fast, Accurate Pet X-Ray Services

Do you think your pet might be suffering from a broken bone or another serious medical issue? If so, a pet x-ray may be in order. Contact Alexander At The Park Veterinary Hospital in Durham for all of your pet x-ray needs. Our animal hospital is equipped with advanced and highly accurate x-ray machines. Our veterinarian will work hard to keep your pet comfortable throughout the process.


Pet X-Ray Safety

Many of our clients ask if x-rays are safe for pets. Fortunately, the answer is generally “yes.” X-rays are typically considered safe. Still, there are some safety concerns. X-rays may expose your pet to high levels of radiation. However, the exposure is temporary. The occasional x-ray during an emergency is unlikely to cause serious harm to your pet. If your pet underwent x-rays every day, the radiation could prove harmful over time.

Some pets may become injured if they thrash or move around a lot during the procedure or while visiting the vet in general. At Alexander At The Park Veterinary Hospital, we work hard to get to know every pet and how best to make him or her comfortable.

What To Expect

X-rays show the internal structure of an animal and particularly the bones. Soft tissues, such as skin and organs, do not absorb x-ray energy, but dense materials, including bones and metal, will absorb the energy. This allows x-ray machines to produce an image of the bones and other dense materials in your pet’s body.

Your pet will be exposed to x-rays from an x-ray machine. Many modern x-ray machines look vaguely like traditional cameras. The vet can move the machine around and take pictures (x-rays) as needed. Your pet may have to sit down or lie on his or her side. Pets often don’t need to be sedated. That said, if your pet is in a lot of pain or if the x-ray would need to be taken in an uncomfortable position, the veterinarian may recommend sedating your pet.

If your pet needs an appointment for an x-ray, get in touch and our veterinary office staff. If your pet has recently suffered an injury and a bone is obviously broken or your animal is showing other signs of a serious injury, you should contact our veterinarian right away. We can help with the pain and get your pet on the road to recovery as soon as possible.

Pet X-Rays in Durham, NC

If your pet needs an x-ray, we can help! If any bones have been broken or your pet is suffering from another serious medical issue, it is important to treat it as quickly as possible. Call Alexander At The Park Veterinary Hospital today at 919-701-7520 to schedule an appointment with our veterinarian.


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