Pet X-Rays

Your pet is part of the family. As part of the family, you will do everything in your power to take care of them and to give them the best life possible. There will be times where they feel sick or they are not acting like themselves. It'll be obvious to you that something is wrong, and yet you can't just ask them what's going on. At Alexander at the Park Veterinary Hospital, we have years of experience providing Durham residents with reliable veterinary care. This often involves pet x-rays to give our staff the strongest possible understanding of your pet’s condition, allowing us to provide the highest-quality possible care.


Pet X-Rays for Accurate Diagnosis

A physical examination can tell us a good deal about your pet and what is going on. We're also able to perform different kinds of tests to determine what might be causing your pet their discomfort. However, one of the best ways to properly diagnosis your pet is with the help of an x-ray. Your pet’s discomfort may be due to a broken bone, an ingested foreign object, or another internal condition that you were unaware of. Sudden changes in behavior warrant a visit to the veterinarian for a clearer understanding of what is going on. Whatever the situation might be, our staff is here for you and we are always happy to work with new pets. 

Visit Our Animal Hospital in Durham

Our animal hospital offers scheduled appointments as well as immediate care. If your pet is experiencing an emergency, do not hesitate to bring them in, as time may be of the essence. Whatever the urgency of your pet’s situation may be, pet x-rays are likely to be a part of your pet’s treatment. Pet x-rays are completely painless, and our veterinarians will help your pet stay calm as the test is conducted. For more information on our veterinary services or to schedule an appointment, call Alexander at the Park Veterinary Hospital at (919) 484-9900.


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