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When your pet needs medical care, it's up to you to find the veterinary services they need as soon as possible. Immediate care helps to limit any damage and promotes long-lasting health. Routine checkups are vital for the health of your furry friend before any medical issues develop. Preventive vet care can protect your pet from a life-threatening disease or something else.


The caring and experienced team of professionals at Alexander At The Park Veterinary Hospital want to ensure your pet has many happy and healthy years ahead. We are located in Durham, NC and we offer many different services to promote long-lasting health for your furry friends.

Pain Management

Your dog or cat could be experiencing pain and you might not even know it. Even if you spend a great deal of time with your pet, detecting these concerns isn’t always easy. From diagnosing your pet’s pain to providing the treatment that your pet needs, you can count on us at every turn. Whether your pet has suffered an insect bite, cut, or something else, we can help with pain and treatment in a variety of ways.


Dermatology involves services that are associated with the skin. In pet care, dermatology solutions are very common when it comes to diagnostics and treatment. Skin allergies, fleas/ticks, and fungal infections are some conditions that we handle with our dermatology services.

Emergency Pet Care

Just like in humans, pets need emergency care from time to time. From severe insect bites to broken bones, you may need emergency care right away. Our team is here to provide this vital veterinary care when you need it most. We can provide quick pain relief to ease your pet, then we’ll work to fix the concern right away.

Pet Services Done Right!

When you’re looking for top-of-the-line healthcare services for your pet, you can’t just choose anyone. You want an experienced provider who has the experience you can count on. At Alexander At The Park Veterinary Hospital, we have a team that is passionate about caring for animals. From ultrasound to emergency care, our medical services are advanced, affordable, and built for your important needs. Call Alexander At The Park Veterinary Hospital in Durham, NC, today at (919) 484-9900 to make an appointment.


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