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Healthy pets are happy pets with plenty of energy to romp and play. Quality vet care services from Alexander at the Park Veterinary Hospital in Durham can help keep your pet in optimal health at every stage of his life. Through routine veterinary care, you can enjoy your pet’s friendship and companionship well into his senior years.


Vet Care Services in Durham

Alexander at the Park Veterinary Hospital is your one stop location for comprehensive vet care services for your feline or canine companion. Our veterinary team offers the following services to care for your pet’s health:

Preventative Care – These services include wellness exams, vaccinations, parasite control, dental care, dermatology care, allergy screening and treatment, behavioral counseling, and more. We recommend your kit or pooch have an annual wellness exam. At this time, we’ll thoroughly inspect his body for early warning signs of sickness or disease. Catching health issues early enables you to get your pet prompt treatment that can expedite his recovery.

Vaccinations – Our facility provides core and noncore vaccines for kittens, puppies, dogs, and cats to protect them from infectious diseases. We recommend all pets have core vaccinations against rabies, distemper and other life-threatening diseases. Noncore vaccines can be given according to your pet’s lifestyle or risk. We’ll create a vaccination schedule suited to your pet’s protective needs.  

Dental Care – Your pet needs strong, healthy teeth for eating, protection, and good overall health. We’ll examine and clean your pet’s teeth annually to prevent dental issues like abscesses, bleeding gums, loose teeth, or periodontal disease. Professional dental care combined with good home care will protect your pet’s oral health.    

Surgery – We offer pet surgery to resolve issues with your pet’s health. Our surgeries range from routine spay and neuter procedures to tooth extractions, setting of broken bones, tumor removals, soft tissue surgeries, and orthopedic surgeries to correct joint problems.

Urgent and Emergency Care – Situations like auto accidents, animal fights, toxic ingestions, seizures, respiratory problems, and severe trauma often require urgent or emergency pet care. Don’t hesitate to contact us immediately any time you feel your pet needs prompt and effective care. We’ll make every effort to meet your pet’s urgent and emergency care needs.

Visit Our Durham Veterinarian for Quality Veterinary Care

At Alexander at the Park Veterinary Hospital, you work with a team of veterinary experts who care for the health and welfare of your pet. Our comprehensive vet care services make it easy for your pet to enjoy good health. Whether your pet needs preventative care or a complex surgery, you can have full confidence that he’s in good hands. For quality vet care services you can trust, contact our Durham veterinary specialist at (919) 484-9900 today.


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