Emergency Services

Regular visits to the vet are the best way to be sure your pet is happy and healthy. You may also need to bring your pet to the vet between regular visits. If your pet is sick or injured, you will need to schedule an emergency vet appointment.

If your pet is dealing with any of the following issues, call Alexander at the Park Veterinary Hospital in Durham, NC. We provide the emergency services your pet needs to heal.

Emergency Services


It isn't uncommon for your pet to vomit from time to time. When dogs eat something they shouldn't, it can upset their stomach, causing them to vomit. Cats can get hairballs in their throats when they clean themselves, which can also cause vomiting.

If your pet vomits multiple times within 24 hours, you should take him to the animal hospital for emergency treatment. There is a reason your pet is vomiting, and the vet can run tests to find the cause so treatment can begin. In addition, frequent vomiting can dehydrate your pet, which can be dangerous. If your pet is severely dehydrated, he will need IV fluids to prevent serious health issues.

Your Pet Ate Something Toxic

Animals are naturally curious, which can cause them to eat things they shouldn't. If you believe your pet has ingested antifreeze, rodent bait, poisonous plants, fertilizer, or insecticide, you should schedule an emergency visit right away. The same is true if your pet has eaten human food that is toxic to pets, such as chocolate, grapes, raisins, onions, or garlic.

Your pet may not experience symptoms right away; however, the toxins can result in organ failure that can be life-threatening if your pet doesn’t receive immediate care.


Your pet can't tell you when he is in pain. However, there will be signs, including:

  • whimpering or crying
  • hiding
  • anger or aggression
  • shaking
  • avoiding contact with you and your family

It can be challenging to tell what is causing your pet's pain; therefore, you should schedule an emergency visit to the vet. Veterinarians can run tests to find the source of the pain, allowing them to treat the condition, which should make your pet feel more comfortable.

Trouble Urinating

If your pet has trouble urinating or it is painful when he does, you should take him to the vet right away. Several issues can cause trouble urinating, such as a bladder stone, inflammatory debris, or urethral obstruction. Kidney issues can also make urinating difficult. If you don't call the vet right away, the issue can put your pet's life at risk.

The vet can run tests to determine if medication can solve the problem or if surgical intervention is necessary.

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If your pet is sick or injured and you need emergency care, call Alexander at the Park Veterinary Hospital in Durham, NC, today at (919) 484-9900. We will see your pet right away, which could save his life.


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