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No matter how independent your furry friend is, he needs your help to stay healthy and strong. By partnering with Alexander at the Park Veterinary Hospital, Durham, NC, you can have confidence that your pet is getting quality veterinary care. Our full-service facility treats all kinds of animals, including dogs, cats, pocket pets, reptiles, birds, rabbits, small farm animals. We also treat all kinds of ailments, ranging from chronic conditions to infectious diseases, digestive issues, oral health, orthopedic problems and more.


If you live in Durham or the surrounding communities, Alexander at the Park Veterinary Hospital is your one-stop location for all your veterinary care needs. Our services range from preventive care to complex surgical procedures and everything in between. Here’s what you can expect from our state-of-the-art facility:

Preventive Pet Care

This includes wellness exams, parasite control, vaccinations, dermatology services, nutritional counseling, behavior counseling, and more. Pet exams enable our team to detect and treat problems in their early stages before they become major health issues. Prompt treatment can help your pet recover quicker from his illness. 


Our in-house diagnostics include blood work, heartworm tests, urine tests, and radiology services to help uncover hidden health issues. This enables our team to provide you with a prompt and accurate diagnosis of your pet’s condition to avoid delays in his treatment.  

In-house Pharmacy

Our in-house pharmacy makes it easy for you to obtain the medications your pet needs for treatment of medical issues. We also offer pain medication and antibiotics for post-op recovery.

Dental care

Your pet’s oral health is linked to his overall health. For this reason, we offer comprehensive oral care, to include dental exams, dental cleanings, and treatment of dental issues like abscesses, swollen gums, damaged teeth, and gum disease.

Surgical procedures

We provide routine and complex surgical treatments ranging from spay and neuter procedures to dental extractions, tumor removal, fracture repair, exploratory surgery for internal health issues, and orthopedic surgery to treat problems with your pet’s mobility.

Emergency Pet Care

Our facility has the personnel and resources to handle pet emergencies, including car accidents, toxic ingestion, heat stroke, excessive bleeding, and other situations that require immediate attention. By calling us in advance to let us know about your situation, we can prepare to provide emergency pet care services when you bring your pet to our facility. 

Trust Our Durham Veterinarians for Quality Pet Care

At Alexander at the Park Veterinary Hospital, you work with veterinarians you can trust. Our team is fully committed to the care of pets in our local community. To schedule an appointment for a checkup or routine vet care, contact us today by calling 919-484-9900.


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