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Dr. Karen Robertson DVM is a veterinarian, who provides veterinary services, and has many years of experience. She works at Alexander at the Park Veterinary Hospital. This veterinary hospital is a full-service hospital, providing advanced veterinary services, located in the Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina area. Dr. Robertson, has been employed by the hospital for the past ten years. At Alexander at the Park Veterinary hospital, we offer a full range of services, from emergency and urgent care to exams for a variety of pets.

Veterinarian in Alexander at the Park Veterinary Hospital

Alexander at the Park Veterinary Hospital bases its treatment of your pet on scientific knowledge and skills to protect animal health and welfare. We work to prevent and relieve the suffering of animals, and to promote public health. 

We offer an in-house pharmacy in our veterinary hospital and we offer urgent and emergency treatment for your pets. We can handle dental, surgical, and medical care for a range of animals.  Our services include diagnostics, internal medicine, surgery, dentistry, radiology, and laboratory work. The pets treated include dogs, rabbits reptiles, birds, small farm animals, and pocket pets.   

Keeping the Pet Owner Informed

Our hospital focuses on its state of the art veterinary facility, enhancing the quality of care and educating pet owners about veterinary services with information that will help provide better health for your pet. When you visit we can discuss topics of bathing and grooming, managing a pet’s anxiety, how to recognize heartworm, spaying and neutering pets, caring for a new pet, medication, and much more.

We can offer a physical checkup in case you believe your pet is experiencing issues. Your vet may recommend individual exams such as chest x-ray, diagnostic blood, and urine testing, need for any antibiotics or recommend other specialists in emergency care, internal medicine, or surgery.

To maintain a steady log of your pet’s health we recommend keeping a medical diary of your pet’s treatment and behavior including information such as: 

* when and what vaccinations your pet has received * you pets hygienic habits and any unusual occurrences or physical changes including urinary habits * note any changes in your pet's behavior * indicate the condition of your pet's teeth, such as loose teeth or bleeding gums * prepare a complete medical history

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When you visit our veterinary hospital we will ensure that your pet leaves happier and healthier than when they arrived. If you are located in Durham, NC call 919-484-9900, we will get you scheduled right away.  


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