Common Pet Allergies in the Fall

Durham Vet Discusses Fall Allergies for Pets

Pets can become sensitive to many things over their lifetime. We might think that allergies will stop during the fall season, but this is not the case. In North Carolina, we see an increase of pollen released from plants that only bloom in the fall. Thankfully, at Alexander At The Park Veterinary Hospital in Durham, NC, we see our fair share of pet allergies and can help you.

What Causes Fall Pet Allergies?

While many things cause pet allergies, the three most significant things that do it in the fall are:

  • Extra fleas
  • Ticks that are more eager to stay warm
  • The blooming of ragweed and other fall plants

These things will cause itchy skin, dry skin, tender ears, and even watery or red eyes. With the changing of the seasons, molds and mildew can creep up in several hidden places as well.

See Our Vet for Emergency Pet Care for Pet Allergy Symptoms

Calling our animal hospital ahead of time can allow our staff to ask you how severe your pet’s symptoms are. From there, we can tell you what to do to help your furry companion until you can bring them in. The symptoms most often caused by allergies are:

  • Wheezing or difficulty breathing
  • Swelling of any body part, but especially any part of the face, mouth, neck, or throat
  • Open blisters that suddenly appear on the skin
  • Shiny, swollen, red patches on the paw pads or belly area
  • If the whites of the eyes change color
  • Lethargy and tiredness

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