The Importance of Annual Check-ups

Pet health has come a long way over the years and pets often enjoy longer, healthier lives than ever before. That said, if you want your animal companions to enjoy a long, healthy life, regular check-ups with the veterinarian are essential. A veterinarian can keep a close eye on potential issues and prescribe treatments and lifestyle adjustments as needed. Our team at Alexander At The Park Veterinary Hospital in Durham is here to help you and your furry friends every step of the way.

What Veterinarians Look For during Wellness Exams

When you bring your pet in for an annual check-up, it allows the veterinarian to step back and take a holistic look at your pet’s health. Veterinarians will measure things like weight, eyesight, heart rate, and the like. A proper weight is vital for pets. If your cat, dog, or other companion is overweight, it could increase the risk of arthritis, injuries, and other health problems. If your pet is overweight, it will strain its muscles and joints. The more overweight your pet is, the more strain it will cause.

While checking your pet’s weight, your veterinarian can also talk about your pet’s diet. Diet is ultimately a vital aspect of preventative care. If your pet is not at an appropriate weight, being either over or underweight, some dietary adjustments can go a long way. We may suggest exercise to increase your pet’s strength and reduce weight as well. Taking your dog for some long walks, or spending some time playing with your cat can go a long way.

Other Health Issues

An annual check-up doesn’t stop with weight. Veterinarians will also take a look at your pet's eyes and ears. If there is a build-up in your pet's ears, a professional cleaning may be in order. We will also check for ticks, fleas, and other fur and skin issues.

Pet dental health is also vital. While pets don’t have to brush their teeth every day like humans, occasional brushing or dental treats can go a long way. Just as importantly, you can raise any pet care concerns and observations with your veterinarian during the check-up.

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