The Importance of Vaccinations for Preventative Care

Vaccinations for Preventative Care

For pet owners, whether you have a puppy or kitten, an adolescent, or a senior pet, providing them with preventative care and pet vaccinations is one of the first steps in helping them maintain a healthy life. While a good nutritional plan and flea and tick prevention are also important, all these steps are necessary to provide ongoing pet care that promotes your pet's quality of life. We at Alexander at the Park in Durham, NC, know a lot about vaccinations and preventative care.

Preventative Care and Vaccinations from a Vet at Our Animal Hospital

When your pet is scheduled for preventative care, there are many services available. One of the first things is for the vet to do a wellness exam. This provides an overall look at your pet to determine if there are existing problems and begin treatment. If pets need their first set of vaccinations and they need their annual shots, it's important to have this done to establish and prevent health issues.

Your pet may also be suffering from skin issues due to allergies, such as flea bites, which can be countered with treatment and proper flea and tick prevention products.

Sometimes, pets become picky about what they will eat. This can result in weight loss. If you attempt to change their food to get them interested in other types or flavors, this can lead to upset stomachs. There is also the problem of pet obesity, which can lead to health problems. At our animal hospital, a veterinarian at our animal hospital can tell you what foods to avoid in order to help establish a proper diet plan that promotes good health.

Whether a pet is young, a juvenile, or at the senior stage of their lives, they can also undergo a change in their attitude, whether it is a lack of interest in their environment, anxiety, or aggressiveness. When this occurs, a pet wellness exam can be provided by a veterinarian at our animal hospital to determine the cause.

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At our Durham, NC animal hospital, along with a veterinarian on our team, our staff provides pet care and veterinary services. Call us at (919) 484-9900 for Alexander at the Park so your pet can be on the road to good health. A vet on our team can provide pet care as well as pet vaccinations, flea and tick prevention, preventative care, as well as other veterinary services.


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